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British Gas responds to new Ofgem proposals on energy theft

Responding to new proposals from Ofgem on tackling energy theft Ian Peters, Managing Director of Residential Energy at British Gas said:

“Electricity and gas theft is a serious issue, which places lives at risk and adds unnecessary costs to customers’ bills. We estimate that the annual cost to UK customers of gas and electricity theft is up to £500m.

“British Gas has led the industry in devoting resource to energy theft detection; for example, in an average year, 80% of all gas theft is detected by British Gas. We also take direct responsibility for detecting electricity theft – much of which is linked with cannabis farms, and we have a strong track record of working with the police to detect and stop this.

“We’ve been lobbying for a whole industry solution where everyone must actively work to detect theft. We, therefore, welcome Ofgem’s focus on this extremely important issue and will work closely with Ofgem to ensure these proposals deliver real benefit to consumers. ”

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