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How to be a responsible business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) may seem like the territory of large corporates who are setting up foundations with their spare millions. But small and medium businesses often tend naturally towards CSR. They’re well placed because…
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28 Feb 2019

Smart meters: 5 myths debunked

Despite the benefits of smart meters, some businesses are resistant to having one installed. So here we address the top 4 myths about smart meters. Smart meters can cause cancer because they emit radiation No.…
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26 Feb 2019

Smart meters explained

In 2016, energy suppliers began to roll out smart meters in the UK. The original target was to install them in every home and small business by 2020. Between 2016 and 2018, energy suppliers installed…
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21 Feb 2019

Energy News

Air pollution solutions

When we think of the major threats to health, we probably think of heart disease and cancer. And we’d be right. But coming in strong at number four on the list is… air pollution. A…
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02 Apr 2019

Self-driving Cars: The Future?

While the idea of self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, may still feel as though it’s borderline science fiction, real life is catching up fast. And it’s no accident that the UK is at the cutting…
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12 Mar 2019