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The benefits of taking power naps at work

How many times have you come back from lunch and started to feel those mid-afternoon yawns coming thick and fast, or noticed your eyelids drooping just a little bit more than they should be. As…
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10 May 2018

The benefits of pets in the workplace

While there are many reasons for having a pet, not the least of which being that they offer significant health benefits to people – pets in the workplace can also create benefits for both employers…
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30 Nov 2017

Energy Efficiency

Myth busting: Smart meters 101

When it comes to smart meters, there are many myths about. What will it mean for your business? Will it raise energy bills? Do you need to worry that your smart meter will cause problems?…
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31 Jul 2018

The impact of CO2 on productivity

Productivity is important in the workplace. You may be looking at software, incentives, and other ways to boost the productivity levels of your employees. However, there is a direct correlation between CO2 levels and productivity…
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05 Jul 2018

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