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3 reasons to get your business air conditioning system serviced

Many businesses depend on their air conditioning system in the summer months to keep their offices/places of work in acceptable working condition for their employees and to ensure a welcoming environment for customers. But many people don’t know how often the system should be serviced to keep it running in tip-top condition. Below we outline 3 main reasons to stay on top of the health of your business air conditioning system and explain the benefits of how getting it regularly serviced should keep your staff and customers comfortable this summer.

1. Energy efficiency

Dirty condenser coils and clogged air filters can mean that your commercial air conditioning system has to work much harder and use more energy than if it were maintained properly. Regular servicing and cleaning will make sure that your business stays cool and your energy bills stay low.

2. Improves the lifespan of your equipment

A regular service will extend the operational life of your system. If you want your air conditioning unit to last for as long as possible, then have it serviced once a year.

3. Lower repair costs

If any faults are found during the service, they can be fixed quickly, before they become bigger and more expensive problems. This means you can sometimes avoid repair costs through routine service and maintenance. A service could be essential to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. Without maintenance records, you may have to pay for costly replacement parts – even during the warranty period.

British Gas business can now offer business customers in the North West of England servicing and repair of their commercial air conditioning system. We can even install or retrofit a new air conditioning system.

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