5 steps to building and launching a new product

Starting a business and launching a new product involves trial and error, and 100 per cent dedication.

From identifying exactly what your customers need to nailing down your company name, you’ll encounter many obstacles.

And while you can never truly know how your new product will be received in the marketplace, there are certain steps you can take to increase your chances for success.

Here are five steps to successfully launch a new product:


Step 1: Research your product

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of falling in love with a product or an idea and fail to be objective.

When researching your product, it’s important to not overlook or ignore the feedback you have found. While you may love your product the way it is, the customer may see it differently to you.

Before releasing your product into the marketplace, you need to ask the hard questions to discover whether or not your product is ready to be launched.

Once you have asked yourself the hard questions, you must listen to the answers, even if they’re not what you want to hear.


Step 2: Research the marketplace

Once you know you have a unique product offering, you need to determine whether there is a market for it.

This is especially the case if you have created a niche product. Ask yourself; does the market have a place for your new product?

Although market research can be time consuming, it will provide you with valuable information that will guide you during the launch of your new product.

Market research will also allow you to narrow down your target audience and improve your chances for a successful launch.


Step 3: Implement a marketing strategy

Successfully launching a product requires a well thought out marketing strategy.

Once your target audience has been identified, you need to start developing a plan for how to reach them.

Look at the different advertising and communication channels available and decide on which ones will best reach your target audience.

Is your target market on LinkedIn or Instagram? Depending on which one you use, your strategy will vary greatly. It’s key to reach the people who will not only be purchasing your product, but also using the platforms you are advertising on.


Step 4: Be unique

If you can create a memorable marketing campaign that your target audience can relate to and get excited about, then you’re on the right track.

Avoid generic marketing campaigns if you really want to catch people’s attention and separate yourself from competitors.


Step 5: Continue the conversation and listen to feedback

The work does not end once your product launch is over. You need to continue the conversation with current and potential customers about your product.

Listen to what customers are saying about your product, and share positive stories with the public.

Continue to seek feedback from your customers and welcome the positive as well as the negative feedback. Stay on top of your social media channels that were the most successful in gaining customers.

While there is no tried and true formula for launching a new product successfully, by following the five steps outlined above you can substantially improve your likelihood of success.


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