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The benefits of taking power naps at work

How many times have you come back from lunch and started to feel those mid-afternoon yawns coming thick and fast, or noticed your eyelids drooping just a little bit more than they should be. As…
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10 May 2018

The benefits of pets in the workplace

While there are many reasons for having a pet, not the least of which being that they offer significant health benefits to people – pets in the workplace can also create benefits for both employers…
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30 Nov 2017

5 ways to nurture a more entrepreneurial culture

Building a strong culture within a team has become an important advantage for business leaders who strive for increased business success. You want to create a culture that identifies and embraces shared values, perspectives and…
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23 Feb 2017

Smoking Breaks cost businesses £8.4bn

The smoker’s corner is a common sight across all industries – a bunch of employees usually involved in deep conversation under clouds of residual smoke hanging in the air. While smoking sessions may encourage employee…
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02 Feb 2017

Workplace workouts: Self-powering gym workstations

Self-sustaining gyms Businesses around the world are moving towards self-sustaining gyms, ensuring that when you get your cardio in at the gym you’re doing more than getting a good workout, you’re saving energy. The Cadbury…
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11 Jan 2017

Your annual gas inspection is really fun!

As a business owner and a British Gas business customer, you may not be that excited about your annual gas boiler and appliance service, but it’s important that you know your legal responsibilities when it…
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23 Sep 2016

Reminder! Gas appliance service

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot of things to remember, like your business’s annual gas safety check. If you own or manage a UK-based business with employees, you need to know your responsibilities…
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22 Sep 2016