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Workplace workouts: Self-powering gym workstations

Self-sustaining gyms Businesses around the world are moving towards self-sustaining gyms, ensuring that when you get your cardio in at the gym you’re doing more than getting a good workout, you’re saving energy. The Cadbury…
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11 Jan 2017

Your annual gas inspection is really fun!

As a business owner and a British Gas business customer, you may not be that excited about your annual gas boiler and appliance service, but it’s important that you know your legal responsibilities when it…
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23 Sep 2016

Reminder! Gas appliance service

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot of things to remember, like your business’s annual gas safety check. If you own or manage a UK-based business with employees, you need to know your responsibilities…
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22 Sep 2016

The facts about commuting

The word commuter derives from early days of rail travel in US cities such as New York and Chicago, where, in the 1840s, residents of the suburbs were offered a reduced or ‘commuted’ fare into the city. Nowadays, it’s…
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12 Jul 2016

Building future skills with apprenticeships

University is not for everyone. For many young people getting out into the workplace is by far the better option. But some careers require extra learning, which is not easy to arrange with a full…
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16 Mar 2016