Energy Efficiency

7 Steps to Making Your Business Safer

Boilers have a flair for the dramatic. For the most part, they quietly do their job. But the moment something goes wrong, they take centre stage. If you’ve ever experienced a proper boiler ‘meltdown’, you…
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17 Sep 2019

5 fundamentals of business energy strategy

As a business, you may be looking to reduce your environmental footprint, cut costs, or improve operational efficiencies. Many businesses, however, don’t have a strategy to effectively address these goals. We’ve highlighted five fundamental factors…
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29 Aug 2019

The Rise of the Eco-Friendly Festival

The environmental impact of music festivals can be immense. Even festivals that try to focus on sustainability often fail. It takes a lot of energy to power the lights and sound for the stages alone,…
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20 Jun 2019

A guide to green business energy

Green energy is the umbrella term that covers sustainable energy, renewable energy and low carbon energy.  Renewable energy sources are all sustainable, but they aren’t all low carbon. Here’s our guide to the jargon, so…
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21 May 2019

Innovations in energy storage

One of the challenges with renewable energy is that it’s not always windy or sunny, so wind turbines or solar panels aren’t always generating energy. If the energy that they produce can be stored, though,…
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25 Apr 2019