Energy Efficiency

The world prepares for Earth Hour

Earth Hour takes place on March 23rd this year. If you haven’t heard of it then you soon will. It’s the single biggest symbolic mass participation event in the world, and the number of participants…
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20 Mar 2013

The Vatican’s green initiative

Pope Benedict XVI may go down in the history books as the first pontiff to resign in over 600 years, but most people don’t have a clue that he should also be remembered for helping…
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15 Mar 2013

Climate Week Events for Your Business

Climate Week kicks off on the 4th March with over 3000 events involving businesses, charities, councils and schools. You can get involved in Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, do your bit for the environment and…
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04 Mar 2013

Quirky Green Initiatives

With an ever-increasing emphasis on going green, saving energy and generally being more environmentally responsible for businesses nowadays, it’s no surprise to see companies and their respective owners and employees coming up with new, innovative…
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30 Jan 2013