Energy Efficiency

Companies using renewable packaging

As they look to save on their business electricity bills and boost their green credentials, more and more companies are turning to their packaging for ways to save energy and build a “greener” image. Are…
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24 Sep 2013

Five companies that recycle

These days it doesn’t seem to matter what the product is, if it can be recycled, reused, or donated, then the company that made it will do it for you. Even it can’t be granted…
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10 Sep 2013

Energy from the algae pond

Traditional biofuels such as palm oil and sugar cane have had detrimental effects on the communities that grew them as the land previously used for animals and crops was taken over for biofuel production. In…
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22 Aug 2013

Will Google find a new energy solution?

We’re used to Google bringing us new technology and now they’re trying their hand at coming up with an innovative new energy solution. Google X, Google’s innovation unit, is working on a green energy project…
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16 Aug 2013

Understanding your electricity meter

As a business owner it’s in your best interest to understand the readings on your meter so that you can correctly budget for your utility bills and make sure you’re making enough profit to cover…
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24 Jul 2013