Energy Efficiency

Five energy saving ideas you can use today

Commercial energy is an essential consideration for business owners around the country, powering pubs, lighting up laundrettes and fuelling farms. However, the good news is that of all your regular outgoing costs, energy is one…
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14 May 2013

Energy saving ideas for pubs

George Osborne’s recent Budget brought some very welcome good news for pub landlords up and down the country with the announcement of the penny off a pint scheme – a cut in beer tax which…
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07 May 2013

Energy saving ways to stay cool this summer

Summer finally seems to be on its way and if you’re serious about keeping your business energy costs down you need to start planning ahead for the warmer months. Small energy-saving measures can make a…
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25 Apr 2013

Save energy while you’re online

These days a lot of business is done digitally. Whether it be on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, many office staff spend much of the day online. Having lots of electrical equipment powered up…
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23 Apr 2013

Get ready for spring energy savings

As the clocks go forward on 31st March, get ready to start reaping the rewards of the warmer months. Over time, small changes can add up to big savings and most of them don’t require…
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25 Mar 2013

The world prepares for Earth Hour

Earth Hour takes place on March 23rd this year. If you haven’t heard of it then you soon will. It’s the single biggest symbolic mass participation event in the world, and the number of participants…
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20 Mar 2013

The Vatican’s green initiative

Pope Benedict XVI may go down in the history books as the first pontiff to resign in over 600 years, but most people don’t have a clue that he should also be remembered for helping…
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15 Mar 2013