Energy Efficiency

The importance of a Gas Safety Check

A poorly maintained commercial gas boiler can be unsafe and disruptive for both customers and employees. It’s your duty as a business and employer to stay safe with gas. The law makes it every employer’s responsibility…
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30 Jan 2018

The Solar Boom: Giant solar farms

The face of solar is changing so rapidly its own industry can hardly keep up. The predictions on the growth of solar, even from within the industry, have been consistently lower than the real growth.…
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24 Jan 2018

7 ways to save energy in the workplace

You may notice an increase in your business energy costs during winter, as cold weather conditions increase demand for energy. However, this doesn’t need to be the case and you can save energy and put…
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21 Dec 2017

Tesla mega-battery activated in South Australia

The largest lithium battery in the world has now begun dispensing power into an electricity grid in Southern Australia. Built by Tesla, the 100-megawatt battery was activated on 1 December, and in fact provided some…
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04 Dec 2017

Tesla unveils an Electric lorry!

Who would have thought that Tesla, under the leadership of Elon Musk, would decide that it’s a good idea to get into the business of haulage — and in an electric truck, no less! Yet…
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24 Nov 2017

5 future electric vehicles to look out for

With the UK planning to ban petrol and diesel cars and vans in 2040 the future of electric vehicles is bright. Electric cars have already established themselves as a popular pick on Britain’s roads, with…
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31 Oct 2017