Energy Efficiency

Energy use in industry: electricity and energy manufacturing

In the 1980s technology seemed to be booming, but productivity was almost stagnant. Economists dubbed it the “productivity paradox”. Rewind 100 years. Another remarkable new technology was proving disappointing: electricity. Some corporations were investing in…
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12 Sep 2017

How much energy can Usain Bolt Generate?

Usain Bolt will take to the global stage one last time at the London 2017 World Championships, bidding to crown his track career with more gold medals. Bolt wants to go down in history as…
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04 Aug 2017

Tampering with gas meter takes a backfire

Recently 4 take away stores in Birmingham were discovered to be running on tampered meters, after the person responsible reported one of the meters because it had caught on fire. The customer was then linked…
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17 Jul 2017