Energy Efficiency

3 ways to honour Earth Day all year

Though Earth Day is celebrated each year on 22 April, we can allow Earth Day to inspire us all year by embracing a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Here are three great ways to incorporate the…
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07 Jun 2018

Recycling procedures in the workplace

Whilst recycling may not be the only solution to the world’s waste problems due to the fact it’s so expensive, it still goes a long way to dealing with effects that us humans are having…
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17 May 2018

What is a carbon footprint?

The term ‘Carbon Footprint’ is something that you’ve probably heard bandied about quite a lot, particularly in regard to environmental issues. Lower is better, and higher is bad, but the specifics can be a little…
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17 Apr 2018

The Beast and The Boiler

The Beast from the East is paralysing the U.K. leaving many students and workers to cosy up at home. But this blast from Siberia that is freezing more than roads – it’s freezing the sea.…
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02 Mar 2018

Renewable Power: are we making strides?

Whether you’re for or against continuing to drill for oil and mine coal, the fact that fossil fuels will run out is indisputable. We know that the current U.S. administration has taken a step backward…
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22 Feb 2018