Energy News

Green GB week is coming, are you ready?

Green GB Week is Britain’s first week dedicated to events and information raising awareness about clean growth, climate change, and what we can do about it. Starting on Monday 15th October, this week will show…
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17 Oct 2018

Bill Gates Launches $1 Billion breakthrough energy fund

Billionaire philanthropist and investor Bill Gates, along with a group of high-profile executives, are launching a $1 billion fund, called Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), to promote clean energy technology and tackle global climate change. The…
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09 Jan 2017

Elon Musk enters the solar panel market in style

Tesla has announced a new line of solar roof tiles that mimic common roofing materials. Tesla’s new solar roofing was revealed by founder, inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk at a recent high-profile launch event. Musk,…
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21 Dec 2016