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Wimbledon and the fight for equal pay

In 2007, Wimbledon, arguably the most iconic tennis tournament in the world, served up a ground-breaking change that is yet to be widely replicated across the sporting universe. For the first time, both the Men’s…
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25 Jun 2019

Future proofing the gas network

The existing gas pipework in the UK was first used around 200 years ago, to pipe town gas to businesses. Homes were first connected to gas in the 1840s, which meant that residents could replace…
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14 May 2019

What is the smart grid?

The grid is the electricity network that connects energy producers with energy suppliers. It’s what we literally plug into to power everything from mobile phones to electric vehicles. The grid works well to deliver power…
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09 May 2019

Local energy trading

At the moment, energy mostly travels one way. It’s generated, bought and paid for, moved to the customer and used. Energy suppliers, amongst other third parties, sit in the middle between the generator and the…
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07 May 2019

Air pollution solutions

When we think of the major threats to health, we probably think of heart disease and cancer. And we’d be right. But coming in strong at number four on the list is… air pollution. A…
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02 Apr 2019

Self-driving Cars: The Future?

While the idea of self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, may still feel as though it’s borderline science fiction, real life is catching up fast. And it’s no accident that the UK is at the cutting…
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12 Mar 2019