Energy News

Businesses face change with incoming Energy Bill

If you’re a business owner then the government’s recently unveiled milestone Energy Bill, created to ensure the long-term stability of energy provision in the UK, will have some implications for you and your business.
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30 Nov 2012

Can the US become energy-independent?

A new report by the International Energy Association (IEA) has predicted that within the next ten years, the US will be in a position to supply over 90% of its own oil, shedding its long-standing…
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27 Nov 2012

The US Election trail: Energy Policies

Energy has always been a controversial issue in U.S. politics. The Arab oil embargo of 1973 starkly highlighted the country’s dependence on foreign imports for energy, whilst George Bush’s refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol…
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05 Nov 2012

Why world events impact UK energy prices

Running a business often means that you will have no shortage of paperwork and administration to tackle on a daily basis. Business owners will also be aware of unwelcome seasonal issues, such as the impact…
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19 Sep 2012