Energy News

Why LED lights are best for your business

LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their availability and falling prices. It’s said that these lights can have a dramatic impact on your energy consumption, for the…
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24 Apr 2018

How solar panels can produce honey

Of course, solar panels can’t produce honey directly, but some enterprising beekeepers in the U.S. state of Minnesota have discovered that solar farms can do the next best thing: create a habitat for the endangered…
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22 Mar 2018

Edison Vs Westinghouse: The Current War

If you think the Apple/ Microsoft rivalry is the stuff of legends, you’ll love the Edison/Westinghouse feud. Characterised as the War of the Currents, Edison and Westinghouse’s famous rivalry captured the world’s imagination in the…
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20 Mar 2018

Nikola Tesla: The man and his legacy

Most people know that Tesla worked, at one time, with inventor Thomas Edison, and that the two became rivals. Most are also familiar with today’s Tesla, the automotive/energy company co-founded and headed by Elon Musk.…
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08 Mar 2018

How exercise can benefit mental health

While it’s commonly known that exercise is good for the body, many people do not know that exercise is also one of the most effective ways to improve our mental health. Exercising regularly can have…
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28 Dec 2017