Energy News

Route 66 is going solar

Route 66, arguably the most famous stretch of tarmac on Earth, is playing host to a test of Solar Roadways’ revolutionary new solar panel road surface.
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08 Sep 2016

Renewable energy landmarks

New ways of providing energy to light and heat our homes are rarely out of the news. One of the key areas of development is renewable energy, and how to meet the increasingly challenging international…
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14 Jun 2016

The world’s first do-it-all biogas plant?

The world’s first bio plant, using enzymes to handle unsorted household waste without prior treatment, will be ready in early 2017 – and it’s in the UK. Based in Northwich, Cheshire, it will be built…
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26 Apr 2016

Kite power

Turbines may get most of the attention when it comes to wind power but a British firm has just received £1 million of investment to develop kite power as a cheaper, more cost-effective source of…
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19 Apr 2016

Microgrids – do we need them?

Microgrids work locally and can be disconnected from the national grid to operate independently when necessary. They can help make the grid more resilient in case of disturbances or outages.
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31 Mar 2016