Why you should be amped for Google AMP

How many times have you been browsing the internet on your phone when a particularly intriguing article presents itself? You click the link, and ten seconds later the first paragraph finally loads. You go to…
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28 Jun 2018

Blockchain and the Energy Industry

The blockchain is a concept which is revolutionising many businesses. If you’ve heard of it, it’s most likely in connection with digital currencies like Bitcoin. That was the first application of the technology, but it’s…
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21 Jun 2018

The journey to renewable energy

It is amazing how the world is changing from fossil fuel dependency to more sustainable sources of energy. Around the world, companies, individuals, and nations are finding creative ways to make sustainable energy affordable through…
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29 May 2018

What will green cargo ships look like?

When we think of air pollution, chances are we picture the exhausts on our cars, the smokestacks of a coal-burning power plant, or the smoke released by manufacturing facilities. However, as the Guardian points out,…
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24 May 2018