Will supersonic air travel return with a boom?

Late last year, Aerion announced that 20 of the AS2 supersonic jets they are developing had been ordered by private aircraft provider Flexjet. This comes more than 12 years after the original supersonic airplane, Concorde,…
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10 Nov 2016

Hungry for food automation?

Automated food machines are going far beyond dispensing cans of cola, hot drinks and packets of crisps. Now you can buy chips, pizzas and burritos cooked fresh – not to mention sushi rolled by robots.
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27 Oct 2016

KONE gives tall buildings a lift

Finnish manufacturer KONE has developed the UltraRope: a super-light, super-strong carbon fibre cable system, coated in a special friction-proof material, that can carry lifts higher than they’ve ever been before.
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20 Oct 2016