The future is wireless

Plugging in your phone is so 2015. The future of charging is wireless, if the markets are any indication. It’s not hard to see why the new technology is an attractive proposition.
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15 Sep 2016

Route 66 is going solar

Route 66, arguably the most famous stretch of tarmac on Earth, is playing host to a test of Solar Roadways’ revolutionary new solar panel road surface.
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08 Sep 2016

Rain doesn’t stop play

Wimbledon’s over and done with but later this month the eyes of tennis fans will turn to the 136th US Open tennis tournament at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York. And…
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11 Aug 2016

Look up – a bus is overtaking you!

Unless you work at home or very close, you’re unlikely to enjoy your commute to work. Traffic, sink holes appearing on the track and other endless delays leave us frustrated and exhausted before we have…
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09 Aug 2016