Small Business Tips

How to prepare for the new fiscal year

As the current fiscal year draws to a close, it’s important, especially for small businesses, to make sure that everything is prim and proper before the next tax year begins. It’s important to be up…
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15 Mar 2018

5 steps to building and launching a new product

Starting a business and launching a new product involves trial and error, and 100 per cent dedication. From identifying exactly what your customers need to nailing down your company name, you’ll encounter many obstacles. And…
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12 Mar 2018

Top time saving tips for your small business

Director of British Gas Lite, Rob Kerr shares top time-saving tips and time-wasting activities to avoid. There are some simple ways use of technology can make a huge difference to the time and effort you…
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06 Mar 2018

8 Benefits of Employees working from home

The rise of businesses allowing their employees to work from home is opening up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses work and structure themselves. The below illustration outlines 8 key benefits of…
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31 Jan 2018