Small Business Tips

The benefits of pets in the workplace

While there are many reasons for having a pet, not the least of which being that they offer significant health benefits to people – pets in the workplace can also create benefits for both employers…
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30 Nov 2017

4 ways millennials are changing the workplace

Millennials are spearheading change in the workforce and will soon dominate leadership roles in many companies. The working environment as a whole is changing rapidly, and the way things were done before is long gone.…
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05 Oct 2017

Formula 1 Careers – Singapore Grand Prix

Instantly establishing itself as one of the most dramatic and atmospheric races on the calendar, the Singapore Grand Prix is set to provide another gripping showdown this year. The circuit made up of public roads…
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14 Sep 2017

Setting up your own home business

There are 2.9 million home-based businesses in the UK and they contribute £300 billion to the economy. Working from home isn’t by any means an easy process, so it’s important to anticipate and plan for…
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31 Aug 2017