Small Business Tips

Keeping up with compliance

Health and Safety laws require all businesses to carry out regular gas safety checks. But research from the last year suggests that over half a million small British businesses are neglecting these responsibilities and are…
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02 Jul 2013

Green IT: can your business benefit?

These days, most businesses couldn’t operate without their computers, tablets and smartphones. Technology helps to make organisations more efficient, fast moving and productive. However, these devices can add to your company’s carbon footprint - and…
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10 Apr 2013

Manufacture some savings

Manufacturing is an electricity-intensive industry, inevitably resulting in higher energy costs. While business energy is essential, there are several ways that costs can be kept down to help maximise profits.
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08 Apr 2013

Have a greener 2013

Imagine how many cups of tea and coffee are made every day at our workplace – essential fuel for the busy day ahead. But did you know that if we all boiled only the water…
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21 Dec 2012