Small Business Tips

Is your business ready to expand?

As an owner/manager of a business, expansion is an exciting but challenging time. How do you know if your business is really ready to grow into larger premises? The question of expansion is prompted by…
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06 May 2014

Manage your energy output

Owning a business means you’re always juggling priorities. With the fast pace of modern life, it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but employing an effective energy management strategy can help…
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01 May 2014

Green efficiency in the Vatican City

Pope Benedict XVI was known for many titles during his eight year reign. But the former leader of the Catholic Church had also been dubbed the ‘green’ Pope. Benedict believed we should cut carbon emissions…
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24 Apr 2014

Protecting your assets in 2014

Running a business means you’ll always have loads of things to consider, from managing your energy consumption to maintaining the welfare of your staff, and making sure you have a cost-effective insurance plan.
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25 Mar 2014

How to show suppliers you care

You may already know that a successful business relies on happy staff and a steady stream of satisfied clients. How about your suppliers? Here's why you should show your suppliers that you value them. Good…
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11 Mar 2014