8 Benefits of Employees working from home

The rise of businesses allowing their employees to work from home is opening up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses work and structure themselves. The below illustration outlines 8 key benefits of…
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31 Jan 2018

Smart meter roll out

The Government wants every home and business to benefit from smart meters by 2020. With the UK investing £11 billion on the rollout programme, you might be wondering what a smart meter is and how…
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07 Jun 2016

Virtual gyms – the future of fitness?

Technology is changing how we run almost every aspect of our lives and exercise is no exception. Apps that let you book classes on a daily or monthly basis, or let you work out in…
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29 Mar 2016

Harvesting human energy

Fossil fuels are a finite resource. Renewable sources of energy such as sun, wind and sea are constantly being refined. However, it looks as though the human body could turn out to be an important…
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04 Mar 2016

Can a new baby inspire a new you?

Having a new baby changes your life completely, and for many mums inspires a re-evaluation. Do you want to return to work? Go back to your old role or find a new one? Set up…
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02 Feb 2016