Celebrating Christmas in your workplace

Christmas in the workplace

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. From the stores where you shop every day to your own business, the sights and sounds of Christmas are beginning to fill the air, encouraging everyone to get into the Christmas spirit. Deciding how to celebrate Christmas in your workplace, however, can be a challenge. How do you celebrate and enjoy the season while still ensuring that everything gets done? Can you keep your budget reasonable and still ring in the season with plenty of holiday cheer? If you’re looking for fun, fabulous ways to celebrate Christmas without blowing your budget or your schedule, try some of these fun ideas.

Step one: Deck the halls

Bring out the Christmas decorations! Studies show that decorating for Christmas early can actually make you happier, which is particularly good news for shop workers and others who bring in the season early to take advantage of as much Christmas shopping as possible. Try some of these great decoration ideas:

  • Allow every member of the team to decorate their space – perhaps decorations particular to their offices or cubicles. Consider holding a decorating contest with prizes – extra time off, perhaps? – for the winners.
  • Bring out the Christmas lights! Attach them to a Hive plug so that you can easily turn them on and off remotely. You can brighten up your business and stay eco-friendly, too!
  • Decorate staff areas, not just the ones that customers will see. This will bring a little extra joy to your employees’ holidays and remind them that they’re just as important to your business as the customers that come in each day.

Step two: Draw in employees with celebrations

How are you planning to celebrate the holidays as a business this year? Do you have plans that will help draw in even grumpy employees who usually Scrooge their way through Christmas? Try some of these strategies to enjoy your employee celebrations.

  • Hold dress-down days. Consider Christmas jumper days, days dressed in red and green, and other strategies that will have your employees looking their best.
  • Put together a Secret Santa gift exchange. Encourage all of your employees to participate – and keep cost limits low so that they’ll be able to celebrate together.
  • Have a party that your employees will actually enjoy. Take them to a fun activity that everyone will be interested in or simply have a potluck in the break room.
  • Hold a Christmas cookie exchange in the break room. Everyone brings in cookies to share, so everyone leaves with plenty of treats!

You don’t need a lot of time to enjoy Christmas fun at work, and, in fact, many of these traditions can take place on your employees’ regular breaks. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about expenses adding up; instead, opt to keep the budget simple and invite employees to participate. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to enjoy the season.

Step three: Enjoy all the benefits of the season

The sights of Christmas fill your workplace, but are you drawing in the other senses, too? Consider offering some of these fun treats and trends throughout the Christmas season.

  • Play Christmas music as you work. It will help ring in the season and add a note of cheer to the air. Just remember to expand your playlist so that you aren’t listening to the same 10 repetitive songs all day.
  • Leave out hot chocolate in the break room just like coffee. It’s a fun treat that will be sure to bring a smile.
  • Replace your usual treats by the tills with familiar Christmas treats.
  • Offer employees some flexibility in their days. Build in some longer lunches or extra days off so that they can take care of their own holiday shopping during this busy season.

Christmas cheer is in the air. Are you embracing it in your workplace? With these tips, you can have a fun, exciting Christmas, all without putting excessive strain on your budget.


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