Choosing the right office space for your business

“Getting the right office space is so important because your business will have to live with it for the life of a lease. Get it right and you have happy and productive staff; get it wrong and it will slow people down, cause aggravation and waste money.” (Paul Kelly, head of marketing for Morgan Lovell)

Choosing and moving into a new office space can be a stressful time – the boxes, the files, the computers right down to the last paperclip all have to find a new space.

So, when you’re looking for new office space, you want to make sure it satisfies all your needs. Here are a few things to look out for.

Location, location, location:

Location is more than moving your office space to your dream area. You need to consider all things that can make your new workplace a success or a living nightmare. A few questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Is it the right location for my key employees?
  • Is the location convenient for clients?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • Are there amenities nearby?
  • Are there good transport links?

Technology facilities and support:

Technology is an essential part of successful modern day businesses, and some companies need more advanced options than others.

Design companies, for example, require a fast and reliable internet connection, just as much as IT support will provide instant help for an accounts firm that needs to zip off files at a moment’s notice.


If you’re moving into a building with multiple offices, you need to consider if there are competitors in the building and whether or not this will pose as a problem.

You don’t want employees from rival firms lingering in public spaces where they can overhear going-ons at your company, or worse still, elevator-pitching your potential new clients.

The workspace:

When choosing your new office, you need to ensure that there is enough space to grow in the future. Do a test fit or mock out a potential layout before deciding on a property, this way you can be sure you’re getting exactly the right amount of space for your business

Other things to consider with your new workspace include:

  • How much freedom do you have? I.e. can you decorate the office?
  • What are the acoustics like?
  • Will the layout work for your business?

Alternatively you could opt for sharing office space with another company. This not only saves you money on the office rent, but also on the cost of common areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

For referral purposes, it’s ideal to share with complementary businesses, such as an architect with a builder or a PR firm with a Web designer.

Your new office space needs to be right for your needs, there are a range of offices which are purpose built, so don’t be afraid to turn down a place if it’s not right for you.

From choosing the perfect postcode to making sure it’s cost-effective, asking all the right questions during your search is essential to finding a perfect place to base business.

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