Climate Week Events for Your Business

Climate Week kicks off on 4th March with over 3000 events involving businesses, charities, councils and schools. You can get involved in Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, do your bit for the environment and accelerate cost-saving change in your own business. Here are a few practical ideas for running an event to get you started:

Run an energy-saving campaign

Set a monthly target for energy use that is 5-10% lower than your normal spend.

Publicise the target throughout your business and get staff on board with a top-ten list of energy-saving tips for your particular workplace. Motivate your staff by using the first month’s savings to donate to a charity of their choice or to organise a social event for them all to enjoy.

Organise a lift-share scheme

If you run a small local business in which several members of staff come from the same area you could try organising a lift-share scheme for the duration of Climate Week. If you’re a retailer, you could join together with adjacent retailers to organise the lift-share scheme. The same goes for different businesses on different floors of your office building.

All it takes is a Facebook page and little good will. Beyond the environmental benefit, it’s a great bonding experience for staff from a single business and a nice way to create a community between businesses sharing the same geographical space.

Going green on screen

To help change staff behaviour and highlight the importance of climate change issues, something as simple as finishing a little early one afternoon to screen an environmental film can be a great idea. Showing staff how commercial energy issues relate to the world around them can be a big boost to help implement energy-saving measure in your own workplace. Try ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ or even something a little more abstract like ‘WALL-E’ for your office cinema.

Office outing – join a current event

If you want to get involved but you’re limited on budget and time, simply search for other Climate Week events going on in your local area. There’s bound to be something that you and your staff would enjoy:


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