Does your energy saving have a positive impact in your community?

Savvy business owners already know why energy saving is important – it cut costs, saves on resources and boosts your green credentials too. But have you ever considered how your company’s energy smart decisions impact the local community?

What is energy smart?

Businesses that are energy smart are aware of their surroundings and the impact they have on the community around the environment.

Are you a local business?

Chances are – if you’re a successful local business you already lead the way in your community. Perhaps you sponsor a local landmark, support a local sports team or get involved in community awards.

Why not take it one step further? The energy smart decisions you make provide you with even more ways to support your town or city and its communities.

Set a green example

As a leading local business you occupy a strong position in your town or city. Local people (who could be customers, partners or suppliers) know your brand and you’re probably a familiar face at business networking events.  By making energy smart choices when it comes to running your buildings, lighting, gas and electricity, you send a clear message to all those people (and their networks) – that you care.

Demonstrate pride in the local area

If you’re a family-run business with roots in the area running back through the decades, or if you’re a new start-up keen to make a positive difference to the community, there’s no better way to show local folk that you care than by making green energy choices. The decisions you make at a senior level regarding your use of energy shows that you’re proud of the local area and you’re doing everything you can to protect and promote it.

Become an inspirational brand at the heart of the community

By becoming a green leader, you’ll brand your business as forward-thinking, innovative and caring. You’ll be the one to watch, not just for your products and services but for your ethics and integrity – the things which stand the test of time. Energy saving shows that you care about more than immediate sales and profits and helps you to become a business that people will not only like but also trust.

Energy saving for businesses is important on so many levels, from cost cutting to branding. If you want to grow within your own community then it’s time to make energy smart decisions like these companies.


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