Energy efficient ways to entertain a client

Entertaining a client can be a crucial way of securing a deal and developing a lasting and profitable relationship. However, corporate hospitality can be not only costly, but also high in energy usage. Just think of the energy consumption from driving a high performance car or taking a hot air balloon flight.

How can you entertain your clients and reduce your carbon footprint?

Wine and dine 

Reinvent the traditional dining experience by dining in the dark at the quirky Dans le Noir located in Clerkenwell, London. You could save on electricity and gas by taking your companion to this quirky restaurant which offers a sensory culinary experience with blind waiting staff serving you dinner in complete darkness.

Outdoor activities

To strengthen the relationship between you and your client you could consider hiring a cycle rickshaw or a pedicab. Available in many cities across the UK, including Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Hull, pedicabs are an eco-friendly mode of transport and are carbon neutral as they produce absolutely no C02. This sustainable transport lets you bond with your companion whilst taking in the local sights and attractions.

For the more active clientele you could try sand yachting. Also known as land sailing, this environmentally-friendly adrenaline sport involves moving across wide open spaces in a three-wheeled buggy powered only by the wind. This thrilling activity should leave your clients with a positive experience to remember as the bonds formed during physical activity can be powerful, helping to build trust and camaraderie.

Why not set up a treasure trail for the prospective client? Depending on the weather, you can leave rhyming cryptic clues indoors or outside with the ‘treasure’ being a bespoke reward tailored for whoever it is that you’re entertaining.

A more relaxing way to build rapport with your clients is to host a wine tasting evening at your home. However you decide to entertain your client, it’s vital that you tailor the experience to suit them. Focus on making the experience personal by finding out what their preferred activity is and then enjoy it with them. This should maximise your return on investment.

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