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16 February 2024

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As we are currently in the depths of winter, you may have seen your gas and energy bills rise – and this is to be expected given the likely increase in your lighting and heating usage. Like many businesses, you are probably looking for energy-saving initiatives to reduce your business energy bills in the short term and keep your costs down during the colder months. But, in doing this, you may be missing out on longer term savings that come from being an energy-efficient business. So, here are a few ideas that could benefit your business throughout the year – plus information on how to track their effectiveness.

Energy-Saving Initiatives

The energy-saving techniques below vary in regard to the investment they require, however they will provide not only a reduction in energy usage and costs in the short-term, but also throughout their lifetime.

Energy saving techniques

Measuring your success

Once you’ve implemented at least some of these business energy-saving initiatives, you’ll want to make sure they are working (i.e., reducing your energy usage and saving you money). So, do you simply refer to your monthly or quarterly energy bill/statement? Well, you can, but you’ll be missing out on some valuable insights. What you ideally want is a clear view of your energy usage data. As it happens, the UK government also understands the need for you to see your usage data, which is why they introduced an energy data policy. The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) state that if you have a smart meter, you can now request historic smart meter data and your energy supplier must respond to your request within 10 working days. With this information and insight to hand, you will be empowered to better understand and manage energy use at your business.

A step further

At British Gas, we’ve gone a step further than just a 10-day response time. We’ve created Energy360 DataView, an energy management platform designed to help you understand your business energy usage and have better control over your consumption. The platform allows you to view and report on interval data from gas and electricity meters to monitor, control and master energy usage. From creating scheduled consumption data extracts for your business, to enabling you to see adjustable graphs as granularly as half-hour levels, Energy360 DataView gives you comprehensive control. The benefits of a platform such as this include making energy management easier, simplifying energy-related collaboration, and helping you focus your sustainability efforts, among many others.

Find out more

To see more of the benefits that come with having comprehensive data on your energy usage, learn more about Energy360 DataView today!

*Please note, Energy360 Dataview is only available to existing customers with a suitable smart meter. If your meter isn’t smart or if the smart functionality isn’t working, we’ll be unable to show you your consumption data. In these cases, our customer care team will be happy to arrange a meter investigation or meter exchange for you.

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