Smart meters for business

Smart meters are the clever way to measure your business energy use

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a gas or electricity meter that works by sending meter readings using technology similar to a mobile phone. The new generation of smart meters are called SMETS2.

SMETS2 meters are different to other smart meters as they continue to work even if you change energy supplier.

Data is transmitted through a communications hub to a company called DCC (Data and Communications Company). DCC manages the communications infrastructure that connects smart meters with the business systems of energy suppliers and network operators via a secure wireless network.

Once you're connected we'll regularly receive your smart meter readings. You'll no longer need to send us manual meter readings and you'll get more accurate bills as you'll only be charged for the energy you've used.

Not everyone is eligible to have a smart meter installed due to metering set up requirements and/or poor signal issues. If you've applied for a smart meter, but are not currently eligible to have one, we'll send you a letter explaining next steps.

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Why upgrade to a smart meter

No extra cost

  • We'll install your smart meter at no cost to you.

Saves time

  • As you won't have to submit your monthly meter readings.

Accurate bills

  • Once your smart meter is connected and sending smart readings to us you'll receive accurate bills.

View consumption

  • Ability to request and view your previous consumption to help manage your energy usage

Who installs our Smart Meters

We use 3rd party installers to install our smart meters, we use IMServ for electric installs and Energy Assets for our gas instals for SMETS2.

Who are IMServ

IMServ is one of the UK’s leading data collection and energy metering experts, IMServ has been delivering specialist Meter Operation services since 2000.

IMServ are fully independent of all suppliers and manufacturers and therefore are able to supply, install and support a wide range of meters. Since 2010 IMServ have successful installed more than 50,000 Smart Meters on behalf of British Gas Business, helping customers gain control over their energy use.

You can view more on their website - IMServ | The Power Behind Energy Efficiency - UK

Who are Energy Assets

Established in 2005, Energy Assets have transformed from an owner and operator of gas meter assets into one of Britain’s most dynamic energy services companies. They work with major energy suppliers and utilities constructors delivering services to the nation’s biggest brands and public sector bodies.

Energy Assets are Britain’s largest independent meter asset manager and data services provider. They work with energy suppliers to complete gas metering installations for (AMR) and SMETS2 smart gas meters for micro businesses.

What will happen when you request a smart meter upgrade?

Whether you speak to one of our team or fill out our form, your details will be passed to our dedicated smart team.

If you’re eligible for a smart meter upgrade, we’ll pass your details to one of our installers. The installer will call you in around 3 weeks to arrange an appointment.

Remember, to have some key information ready for when we call to book your appointment.

Getting ready for your business smart meter installation

  1. The whole exchange should take no longer than 1 hour. Tell us if there are any times and days when the installation would be most convenient and if there are any other special requirements.  If we supply for more than one business meter, let us know when we call you.
  2. Someone will need to be on site to meet the engineer. They will need to make sure they know the location of the meter being exchanged.
  3. The electricity will need to be turned off for around 40 minutes while the install happens. Before the appointment, turn off any electrical items like alarms or computers, so they're not affected when your electricity is turned off. Check if there are any mains powered medical devices for any vulnerable adults or children.
  4. The gas will need to be switched off for around 40 minutes while the install happens. During a gas smart meter installation, we may also need to turn off your electricity.
  5. Please advise if your technician can have access to onsite parking. They will need to have access to the meter. Please clear the area around your old meter before the appointment. Unlock doors if your old meter is in a cupboard.

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Why are we upgrading smart meters for businesses?

Meeting GB's energy commitments

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Upgrading to smart meters is part of a national commitment to reducing energy use in Great Britain. The UK Government wants energy suppliers to install smart meters in all homes and businesses by the end of June 2025. It's one of the largest national programmes currently underway with more than 21.5 million smart meters already installed, including more than 8 million that we've installed in British homes and businesses to date.

Smart meters are key to upgrading the UK's outdated energy system and to reaching net zero by 2050, slashing carbon emissions by as much as 45 million tonnes – the equivalent of taking 26 million cars off the road for a year.

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How to request your smart meter data

If you have a smart meter installed in your business that is submitting reads and you are receiving accurate bills then you’ll be able to submit a request for us to share, up to 12 months, of your smart meter data. See our Smart meters page if you would like to request a smart meter for your business.

1. Contact us

Contact us to request your smart meter data

2. Reply

We have 10 working days to fulfil your request.

3. Share data

We’ll will contact you and share your smart meter data. This is normally by email.

4. Understand next steps

If we can’t share your smart meter data with you, we’ll clearly outline why your request has been rejected and suggest next steps.

Business smart meter data opt out

If you don’t want us to do anything with your business smart meter data other than calculate your bills, it’s easy to opt out.

If you're half-hourly settled, you can't opt out as we collect your half hourly data for billing purposes.

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