Five companies that recycle

These days it doesn’t seem to matter what the product is, if it can be recycled, reused, or donated, then the company that made it will do it for you. Even it can’t be granted a second life; businesses are increasingly promising to dispose of it responsibly for you. Brita, for example, recycle their filters and turn them into energy. Now that’s an innovative way to reduce your business electricity bill!

Here are five companies who are really committed to recycling:

1.       MAC Cosmetics

Beauty fiends and green-conscious makeup addicts will be pleased to hear that MAC Cosmetics have launched their Back to MAC scheme . This rewards you with a free lipstick for every six empty product containers you return. So, lippy at the ready, now go forth and save the planet in style.

2.       Nike

This company really takes it to another level with their Reuse-a-Shoe campaign. All you need to do is take your worn out shoes into a Nike store and they’ll be ground up to make Nike Grind, a material used to make athletic surfaces such as tennis courts and playgrounds.

3.       Crocs

This is another shoe company that puts their heart and ‘sole’ into saving the planet. If you’ve fallen out of love with your Crocs and they’re only lightly worn, then take them to your nearest Crocs shop. As part of their Sole4Souls campaign, they’ll clean them up and send them to impoverished countries to be worn by people in need of shoes.

4.       Calphalon Cookware

Fancy some new kitchenware? Well when you buy selected Calphalon products you can send your old products (of any brand) back to Calphalon.  They’ll recycle it responsibly and send you some cotton shopping bags to say thanks!

5.       Amazon Kindle

For American Amazon customers whose Kindle has given up the ghost or they fancy a newer model, if they send their old Kindles back to Amazon, they’ll send it to a dedicated recycler who breaks them down and reuses the parts. For European Customers with recycling concerns for packaging and electrical goods, Amazon provides detailed information on where to recycle and best practices.

Looking for ways to recycle your own products?

It’s time to get creative! For example, if you sell shoes why not encourage customers to donate their old wellies so that you can use them as flower planters? You’ll get a nice display, the plants are great for the environment and the wellies will be saved from the landfill.

Remember that a problem shared is a problem halved, so you could also team up with another company, like Crocs did with Soles4Souls, to maximise the potential of your recycling power.

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