Five energy saving ideas you can use today

Commercial energy is an essential consideration for business owners around the country, powering pubs, lighting up laundrettes and fuelling farms. However, the good news is that of all your regular outgoing costs, energy is one that can be controlled and managed through the use of some simple energy-saving strategies.

You don’t always have the time to put in hours developing an efficiency plan for your business gas and electricity, so we’ve come up with 5 simple and effective energy saving ideas that you can implement in your workplace within hours:

1. Turn it off

The simplest way to save energy in any business is to cut down on waste. Turn off all lights, computers and other electrical devices when they’re not in use, especially overnight. Enlist the help of your staff in this, whatever the size of your workforce, as saving energy is a team effort. Spread the word about the benefits of saving energy and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your bills come down.

2. Make a switch

By switching from halogen spotlights to LEDs, you’ll save money. Not only do they last far longer but they also use up to 80% less energy!

3. Boiling over

If your staff and colleagues are fond of a hot drink during their working day then you could make a huge saving by encouraging them to boil only the water they need rather than a full kettle. In the UK, if we all stuck to this rule we could save enough electricity in one year to power the UK’s street lights for a month.

4. One degree cooler

Look around you. If people are wearing t-shirts and short sleeves in winter or jumpers and cardigans in summer then you could make a big saving by altering your thermostat slightly. This can have substantial benefits for your heating bills, reducing them by up to 8% for every degree you drop. Ensure that doors and windows are kept shut when heating and air conditioning are in use too as this avoids wasting energy to control a fluctuating temperature.

5. Cut the drafts

Draft-ridden buildings are something of a standard in the UK, but there are really easy ways to insulate doors and windows and to cut back the heat loss and avoid wasted energy. Double-glazing is a great way to reduce heat loss in the long-term, but a few draft excluders and heavy curtains will also work wonders for keeping your staff and customers warm and cosy with immediate effect.

For more straight-forward ways to save energy visit the British Gas website.

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