Four reasons why your business needs a smart meter


You might have heard about smart meters and the fact that they are helping businesses take control of their energy costs. So are smart meters potentially beneficial for your business?

These devices are easily installed by your electricity supplier, simple to use, and incredibly valuable for providing insight into your business electricity usage, showing you how much energy you’re using.

Here are just four reasons why your business needs one:

They provide an invaluable insight

Smart meters are able to provide an invaluable ability to identify which areas of your business are using the most electricity. In a recent survey, data from 6,000 smart meters showed that a massive 46% of business electricity use happens outside the traditional business hours of 8am-6pm. The statistics show that some businesses are spending nearly £1 in every £2 of their electricity bills on powering their business when staff have left for the day and the business is closed.

Say goodbye to estimated bills

By upgrading to a smart meter you can ensure accurate meter readings – this means you only ever pay for the energy you’ve used.

Your smart meter can be installed in the place of your current electricity meter. Once it is in place it transmits your meter readings directly to British Gas via a SIM card in the meter, similar to one you would find in your mobile phone.

Readings are then collected via a secure encrypted service and as soon as we’ve set up your new smart meter on the billing system you’ll receive accurate bills, based on your actual electricity usage. You’ll have better control over your business energy costs because you’ll only ever pay for what you’ve used.

 Your competitors might have one

British Gas alone has already installed 400,000 smart meters in homes and businesses. The Government has planned a mass roll-out of the devices by 2014, so your business will switch to the new system at some point in the next two to three years, but waiting until then could put you considerably behind your competitors.


Smart meters offer fantastic convenience for business energy customers. Their installation is a simple process, they are readily available from some suppliers, and once installed they mean accurate bills, so you only ever pay for what you use. This means no more estimated bills, no more meter readings to make sure you aren’t overcharged, and no more time spent arranging a refund for an over-payment.

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