Gas safety – Is your business breaking the law?

Gas Safety Week - British Gas Business

Are you one of the many managers who don’t know what they need to do around gas safety? A recent YouGov poll for British Gas Business shows that 52% of SME managers interviewed don’t know the legal requirements for safety checks.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of Health & Safety requirements you need to deal with, you’re not alone. The poll shows that 38% of businesses feel the same way, and 39% struggle to find the time to deal with safety obligations.

As it’s Gas Safety Week, we’ll show you how regular gas safety checks can save you money, time and talent.

1. Don’t void your insurance

UK Employment Law requires regular inspections for your gas appliances. It’s easy to do this yearly: fix a date with your supplier so you don’t have to worry about it later. If you don’t get those appliances checked each year, you could void your public liability insurance

2. Avoid lost hours (and income)

In our poll, 45% of SMEs think that getting customers to spend more will be a key challenge over the next 12 months. If your business boiler or heating system breaks down, the challenge could be even greater. In fact, 15% of businesses say a breakdown in winter would lose them trading hours. While 11% say it would cause problems for their customers and lower their revenues

3. Take care of your employees

The main reason why you’re legally required to do gas safety checks is clear: safety. However, a breakdown in your gas heating can also affect employee morale if they’re forced to work in poor conditions. Something as small as a regular boiler service can show workers they’re valued

4. Prepare for the unexpected

Things tend to go wrong when you most need them to go right. The YouGov poll shows that 39% of businesses have had a boiler or central heating breakdown in the past 5 years. Yet, as it stands, 64% of businesses say they’ll deal with breakdowns as they happen, rather than buy cover. Come the holiday season, however, it’s not easy to find a reputable engineer in an emergency

Peace of mind

British Gas Business Careplan 1 gives you annual gas appliance services and essential safety records for just £7 per month. Give us a call to see how we can help you get on top of your gas safety needs.

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