Get ready for spring energy savings

As the clocks go forward on 31st March, get ready to start reaping the rewards of the warmer months. Over time, small changes can add up to big savings and most of them don’t require any investment, just a few tweaks here and there to make the most of the natural heat and light.


Lighting can account for up to 40% of business energy bills. Staff need good light to stay alert and productive, so it’s important to provide strong lighting throughout your premises. It’s also worth bearing in mind that different tasks require different kinds of light and sometimes workers will need individual control over their light source. Once the needs of all staff are identified, there are some generic improvements that can be made during spring to keep costs down:

•  Make sure windows and skylights are kept clean and free from obstruction. The more natural light coming in, the less artificial light used. After the clocks go forward, natural light is the best ally for making savings on energy bills.

•  Occupancy sensors are one of many business energy solutions that work in harmony with the actual demands of your business. Only lighting an area when it’s in use can save up to 30% in electricity costs.

• Motivate staff to monitor their behaviour. Creating a ‘Switch Off’ campaign with a public target – reducing monthly energy spend by 5% for example – ensures that the whole business is on board. Consider re-investing a portion of the savings into staff social events when the target is achieved.


•  The first port of call is the thermostat. Reducing the temperature by just 1°C can help knock nearly 10% off energy bills.

•  When the clocks change, make sure you adjust the settings on your heating system accordingly to ensure that you’re not heating an empty building.

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