Have you stuck to your energy resolutions?

In January we offered up some energy resolutions to help you start 2013 with an energy-saving bang. We’re now six months into the New Year, so it’s time to take a minute to take stock and see how well you’re doing at sticking to those January promises. It’s also the perfect time to have a think about ways to take your business energy saving initiatives even further

January resolutions recap

Our January resolutions highlighted easy ways for businesses to reduce wasted energy. By making simple changes, like switching off computers instead of leaving them on standby, turning off unused lights and only boiling the water you need when making a cup of tea, you can make a huge difference to your outgoing energy costs.

To help remind staff of how important these small changes are, British Gas have designed a range of energy-saving posters that highlight these and other easy and effective ways to reduce energy output. Try putting these up in the break room or staff area. You could even encourage staff to make their own.

Summer savings

If you’re using air-conditioning, try to reduce the amount of cold air that is escaping by keeping doors and windows closed. Open windows mean fluctuating heating levels, which puts greater demands on the system’s ability to regulate temperature, encouraging it to work harder. For further savings try turning the thermostat down by just one degree. This tiny change can save you 8% on your heating bill overall.

Make the switch

If you’ve managed to succeed with turning off the lights whenever people leave the room, you could try adding to your success by implementing a company-wide switch to energy saving light bulbs. Although this can require some investment, the long-term savings on energy bills can be significant. Not only do the lights last longer, meaning you spend less on bulbs, but they also use less energy, so the electricity bill will drop significantly over time.

Keep track of savings

If you’re currently on an estimated billing system, try making the switch to reporting your exact meter readings. That way you’ll be able to see the savings you are making and start benefitting from reduced bills. Online systems have made this very quick and easy to do.

To keep making savings, keep checking our blog for new ways to cut the cost of your business electricity and gas bills. If you have any further suggestions for great ways to make energy savings, we’d love to hear them – simply post a comment below.

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