Helping your business keep its cool as heatwave season begins in the UK

The Met Office recorded that temperatures over the weekend surpassed the previous temperature peak of 2019 which happened earlier in June. The hottest temperature recorded so far this year was 2nd June, where the temperature peaked at 28.8 degrees Celsius (84F) in Norfolk.

In the UK, most of us are well equipped for the chillier months of the year and know how to stay warm, but we often struggle to cope when the temperature rises, especially when dealing with the heat during working hours.

If your business has air conditioning, now is the time to use it to keep your staff and customers cool and comfortable. We’ve outlined below 7 tips to help you survive the next major heatwave that hits these shores, so your business can continue to operate effectively come ray or shine (see what we did there):

1. Dress for summer

Allow employees to dress more casually, to help them keep cool and productive throughout the day. Permitting t-shirts and shorts for example could help improve their comfort levels and productivity in the face of a heatwave.

2. Turn off appliances

Turn off all equipment that is not in use – they often generate heat. Switch off those TV screens if no one is watching them as well as the kettle if no one is making a brew.

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is important, especially during summer. Not only will a hydrated workforce be more productive but drinking water can also help reduce your core body temperature too (drinking both cool and warm drinks can see a reduction in your body temperature in different circumstances).

4. Eat smaller meals

We’re going to be a bit scientific here, but the bigger the meal, the more metabolic heat your body creates breaking down the food. Eat smaller meals and eat more often. Believe it or not, spicy food can also help cool you down!

5. Use sun-protecting window film

Window film vendors discard up to 75% of solar heat, helping to keep your office cool even if the sun beats down without mercy. The best window films are also registered as Carbon Negative, reducing the emission of CO2.

6. Consider an electric fan if you don`t have air conditioning

During the heatwave last summer, electric fans flew off the shelves, and ran quickly out of stock for many retailers. If you need an electric fan, it’s worth getting one soon. Always phone ahead to check stock if you’re making a special trip.

7. If you have air conditioning

Then make sure it’s serviced regularly. This makes sure it runs efficiently and is there to keep your business comfortable when you need it. Due to customer demand, we’ve extended our service to include air conditioning (AC) installations, servicing, maintenance and repair. We’re currently working with businesses in the North West of England, but we’ll soon be expanding to provide nationwide coverage.

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