How to ease back into work mode in 2015

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After a few weeks of family festivities, you may feel you’ve left your productive mind set behind. But with a little preparation and the right approach, you can get yourself and your employees back on track and in full flow. We’ve got some simple ideas to help you start the new year well at work.

1. Save good news

If you’ve got something exciting lined up for the coming year, plan to announce it after Christmas. But feel free to drop hints before the holidays that good news is in store.

• New hires who will reduce workloads and bring needed skills
• New training programmes for career progression
• New partnerships
• New projects

All of the above show the company is intent on success – and that all this hard work has a direction.

2. Make it a smooth transition

If you can hit the ground running with a belly full of cake and turkey, you’re a rare and lucky exception. For the rest of us, it probably pays to take it easy at first.

Don’t line up a string of crucial meetings in your first week back. And if you can, try to offer your employees a half-day on their first day back – they’ll be more likely to return on the second day refreshed and engaged.

If you’ve got a long list of catch-up chores to wade through, get on with the more interesting or fun parts first. You can save the paperwork for later in the week when you’ve picked up a bit of momentum.

3. Get right back into your routines – all of them

A large part of getting into the right mind set is restarting all the usual things you were doing before you took a long break. It’s not just about your work routine – you need to hit the gym, go for drinks with your colleagues and start looking forward to the weekend again. Once your personal routine is in order, you should find that the work ones follow suit.

4. Get organised

With the new year come the inevitable resolutions – and it could be a good time to start making changes. Tidy up your workspace, make a to-do list that you can actually stick to, and take the opportunity to try to find ways to trim your business costs – like curbing your travel expenses or renegotiating your broadband and phone contracts. .

5. Make plans to motivate your team

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you won’t find it too hard to find sources of motivation in your work. But your employees, might need some additional inspiration – that’s fine.. Lead the way by:

• arranging a catch-up meeting early on to discuss your plans for the coming month
• asking your team to publicly set their own resolutions AND
• meeting with team members to discuss their individual goals for the months ahead
• encouraging a positive vibe. New year, new start

And give workers something to look forward to. A staff party, a company lunch, or even direct incentives for the top performers in January can all be good reasons for your team to get back into the swing of things.

With a little motivation and empathy for your team, you should be able to get your business up to full speed in no time at all.

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