Keeping up with compliance

Health and Safety laws require all businesses to carry out regular gas safety checks. But research from the last year suggests that over half a million small British businesses are neglecting these responsibilities and are putting themselves and their employees at risk as a result. But checking that your business gas supply is safe needn’t be difficult. Here’s a guide to making sure you and your business get it right:

Know the requirements:

Research suggests that over 20% of small businesses don’t know how often they are legally required to carry out safety checks of their gas supply. The answer is simple: every year. Once a year, all businesses must have a qualified professional inspect all gas appliances to ensure that they are operating safely.

Don’t run the risk:

The consequences of failing to comply are severe. Businesses that don’t carry out the necessary checks are not only risking the health and safety of their employees, they are also at risk of being prosecuted, and they may be rendering their Public Liability Insurance invalid too. Failing to comply with legal compliance requirements could be costly and dangerous.

Enjoy the benefits:

Carrying out gas and electricity safety checks isn’t only a preventative measure, it also ensures that all appliances are operating as efficiently as possible. A properly tuned boiler isn’t just more safe – it’s also more energy efficient, which is good for the environment and for reducing your energy bills. Small businesses who find the time to guarantee they are using energy safely and efficiently will see the benefits (and the lower energy bills) in the long run.

To help you stay on top of your compliance testing, British Gas has an entire team dedicated to making sure its business electricity and gas clients are operating safely and are compliant with legal guidelines and requirements. Services on offer include electrical testing, remedial works, breakdown recovery and boiler servicing to make sure your business is using energy safely.


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