3 ways to manage business energy whilst reducing cost & hassle

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When you’re a multi-site organisation, you face immediate challenges in controlling energy costs, such as paying different unit rates across different sites. But you also need to factor in the internal cost of managing contracts, handling invoices and resolving issues.

East Midlands Ambulance Service receives about a million emergency calls each year and serves a population of nearly 5 million people. The nature of their work requires having full control over every aspect of their operations – including energy. They needed a way to manage multi-site energy, so reached out to British Gas Business.

These are the three simple ways British Gas business supports East Midlands Ambulance Service to manage their business energy at the same time as cutting the cost and hassle.

1) One account & one invoice

East Midlands Ambulance Service achieved real benefits with a simple multi-site contract.

When you work for an organisation which makes a big contribution to society, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the smaller details. The ambulance service had around 60 sites with non-half-hourly electricity. These sites had different energy use, contracts, and unit rates.

By consolidating their energy into a single simple contract, British Gas Business took all the administrative strain through:

  • Aligning contract dates across the portfolio
  • Providing one email invoice for the whole account
  • Supplying Smart Meters to ensure accurate billing across the sites

2) Reliable support with dedicated contact

Once it’s set up, your multi-site account seems to take care of itself. Still, when you add a new site, or just want to double-check a bill, you expect to have good, reliable support.

The ambulance service for example, might have an account query from time to time. They simply contact British Gas Business’ dedicated multi-site team by phone or email, and their issues are sorted for them. It’s really that simple.

The ambulance service adopted a five-year 30% emissions reduction target in 2015 and British Gas Business works hard to ensure that their dedicated account management contributes towards the client’s efforts too.

3) Smart Meters for accurate billing

Meter reading for multi-site organisations is far from straightforward. That’s why wise organisations are getting smarter with how they do it.

We installed smart meters for East Midlands Ambulance Service at most of their sites – and at no additional cost. If you have multiple meters all over the country, you’ll appreciate that smart meters are the best and easiest way to manage business energy use.

Plus, billing accuracy and online account management gives you an up-to-date picture of your energy consumption patterns. When you can see your energy use clearly, new energy-saving opportunities emerge. In fact, the ambulance service managed to reduce their business electricity usage by 4% in the last four years!


This case with East Midlands Ambulance Service is a shining example of how choosing the right business energy supplier can really make the chore and cost of managing your business energy that much less or a burden. Remember – through simplicity of account management, providing reliable/dedicated contact and offering smart meters to manage your bills, you can spend less time worrying about your business energy and more time focussing on what you really want to – making your business a success.


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