Managing your business energy online: 6 reasons why

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Before the coronavirus outbreak you probably heard energy providers talk about the benefits of managing your energy online. In recent weeks, as businesses and society at large continue adapting to new ways of working, many of those reasons have become timely ones. In fact, if you’ve never tried managing your energy online, there has never been a better time to start. See 6 reasons why managing your business energy online is beneficial right now.

  1. Jump the queue
    Many businesses are working at reduced capacity, often while dealing with higher than normal contact volumes. If you’re trying to get through to contact centres, that could translate to long wait times, even on alternative contact methods like webchat. However, by going online for everyday matters like checking your bills, reviewing payments or looking at your consumption, you can skip the queue and get what you need straight away – at any time..

  2. Get organised & don’t wait around for printed copies
    If your business has temporarily shut down, you may not be able to get to printed mail at your premises as quickly as you may like . With an online energy account, you can download copies of your gas or electricity bills whenever you want. There’s also good news if you need them for record keeping in readiness for your tax return, as HMRC is more than happy to accept digital copies.

  3. Avoid overpaying while your premises are empty
    With social distancing, energy suppliers have stopped sending someone to read meters, for the safety of customers and employees. Obviously, if you have a smart meter that’s not such a problem. However, if you don’t, and particularly if your premises are currently unused, you’ll need to submit your own meter reading (providing it’s safe to do so) if you want a bill that accurately reflects your energy use. If we don’t get a meter reading you may get an estimated bill based on your regular energy usage. Most energy suppliers allow you to do this easily online and remember these webpages can readily be accessed through your smartphone.

  4. Stay in control & budget more easily
    With all the uncertainty right now it’s even more important to feel in control of your outgoings so you can budget more effectively. Managing your energy online gives you the option to check your balance at any time so there are no surprises. Switching to Direct Debit is another quick and simple way to manage your finances only paying for what you use. Most providers will give you a discount for paying by Direct Debit.

  5. Don’t miss your contract renewal
    If your contract has ended or is due to end in the next few months, it’s a good idea to have a quick look online to see what options are available. Most suppliers will send you an email to say its due to end with a renewal offer. If your contract has already ended or is due to end soon, you might find yourself paying more than you need to. It’s always worth checking your online account for your latest offers as most energy providers offer a renewal discount.

  6. Add users to your account
    Many businesses are having to be flexible and adapt their ways of working to manage the effects of coronavirus. Maybe roles have changed to accommodate workload while some employees are on furlough, perhaps others are off sick. Some users can be given read-only access, where as other staff could be made responsible for meter readings especially if they are on site. Either way, with all the uncertainty you might find it helpful to add one or more users to your online energy account so the responsibility of managing your energy is shared.

Getting started

If you’re already one of our valued customers, then you can access all of the above by logging in to your existing account. Or if you haven’t set one up yet, you can simply register for one in just a few minutes. Also, if you change to paying by Direct Debit payments online, you’ll benefit from a discount. If you’re up for renewal, remember we have flexible contracts available and will also benefit from an online renewal discount

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