Meet the Smarta100 most innovative business


Meet Ento Foods the winner of the most innovative business at the Smarta100 awards last week.  Arsan Dasan, Ento founder speaks with Katie.

 Katie: What is Ento Foods all about?

Introducing insects to the British diet

Katie: That’s interesting who came up with the idea?

Arsan: We were discussing an idea and wanted to make it happen so it was myself: Aran Dasan, Julene Aguirre, Jacky Chung, Jon Fraser – all the founders of Ento Foods.

 Katie: Why insects?

Arsan: Few creatures on earth suffer an image problem as big as insects. There aren’t many people who think of the crawly creatures when wondering what they should grab for dinner, but we want to change all that.

Ento Foods is turning heads by introducing insects to the western diet and convincing customers that they are not just nutritious, but delicious too.

 Katie: And are there any sustainable benefits?

Arsan: These insects could hold the power to solve a huge food sustainability question. Right now, the western world is ignoring a whole group of dining options, but are we ready to change…!

 Katie: How popular has this insect food been?

Arsan: We have notched up awards from Green Design and Braun in our first year of trading. A three day long pop-up restaurant has sold out, so the market is there.

Look out for insects from Ento Foods at supermarkets and restaurants.

Eat Ento most innovative business. Pictured from left to right: Oil Barrett, awards MC, Julene Aguirre, Eat Ento, Shaa Wasmund, Smarta Founder, Aran Dasan, Eat Ento and Richard Marriot, British Gas Business, Commercial Director.


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