More Energy for Business: Beating Lethargy at Work

Beating Lethargy in business - British Gas Business

Whether it’s the Monday morning blues, poor diet or a stuffy work environment, there are plenty of factors that contribute to lethargy.

A low work-rate is the result, but thankfully there are plenty of ways to help maintain productivity in your small business.

Whilst shouting at staff to get them to meet deadlines probably won’t help having regular meetings to set clearly defined goals is a good idea.  It’ll help to nurture staff self-discipline through responsibility, regardless of the size of your workforce or the type of small business that you run.

Another great way to instil energy amongst your workers is to reward good behaviour rather than to punishing bad. Knowing that a completed piece of work contributes to individual or team reward will encourage motivation and team work.

Away-days or team activities are also a real morale booster. You might think that you’ll lose out by having your staff out of the shop or office. But letting your team re-energize and get refocused on work by spending time outside the workplace can see a positive return on investment in the long run

Distraction is another big contributor to lethargy and one of the biggest disruptions nowadays is social media. A direct ban probably won’t work, but you could consider arranging furniture so that employees’ computer screens can be seen by others or alternatively banning mobile phones on your shop floor. Staff will know their cyber-digressions won’t go unnoticed, distraction levels will fall and concentration levels will improve.

Did you know weather and even lighting can contribute to low energy levels at work? Research has shown that inadequate levels of natural light can lead to mild depression. Maximising natural light can help deal with symptoms of depression such as low mood, loss of interest and anxiety. Ensure your office, shop or other workplace has a constant flow of fresh air to combat drowsiness and promote a healthier work environment.

Follow these tips on how to combat lethargy and encourage an active day at your place of work to help you and everyone around you perform better.

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