Moving day – how to move your business energy supply

If moving home is meant to be one of the most stressful experiences life can offer, moving business premises is sure to raise the blood pressure levels. To help things run smoothly, it’s important that you plan ahead. Remember to inform all the relevant parties and avoid any additional costs by making sure that your services – including business electricity and gas – are closed down at the previous location and set up correctly at your new premises.

Moving out
If you’re planning to move out of your current business premises, there are a few straightforward steps you can follow to make sure your business energy supply is closed smoothly.

• Let your supplier know in advance the date you’ll be moving out. Try to give at least a month’s notice.
•  On the day that you’re moving out, give your supplier the final meter readings from your premises.
•  Let your supplier know where you’d like your final bill sent to. This can usually be sent to your new premises, or to your home address.
•  If you know who will be moving into the premises after you’ve left, let your supplier know so they can help set up the new occupant’s energy account.

Moving in
If you’re moving into new premises, it’s important to set up your energy supply as soon as you can. This will help make sure you’re not charged more expensive deemed rates, which can apply when an energy contract hasn’t been set up at new premises.

•  Let your supplier know the address of your new premises and the date you’ll be moving in so that any new connections can be set up quickly and easily.

If they already manage the energy supply at your new address:

•  They will tell you the price of supplying your energy there and any change to your current prices. This is based on the location of the new premises and the type of meter installed at the property.
•  Give your supplier an opening meter read on the date you move in so they can set up your account and ensure you’re only charged for the energy you use.

If your current supplier doesn’t already manage the supply at your new premises:

•  Call them for a quote to switch the supply from the incumbent supplier.
•  If you want to switch the supply, contact the incumbent supplier to let them know:
•  For gas you can find out who the supplier is by calling National Grid on 0870 608 1524.
•  For electricity you can find out who the supplier is by contacting the local distributor for your geographical area and asking for the Meter Point Administration Service. You can find your local distributor’s contact details on the National Grid website.  Contact your local electricity distributor.
•  Give your supplier a meter reading on the date when your supply is switched. They will let you know in advance when this date is.

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