Nightclub tampering with gas meter gets served £20, 800 bill

This month, a nightclub in the UK was investigated after having suspiciously low energy bills, and it was found that one too many moves had been pulled.

During the investigation, two Revenue Protection Unit officers paid a special evening visit to this local dancing hotspot.

The RPU officers had been given a tip-off that the gas meter inside the venue had been tampered and reversed, a simple yet effective way of tampering which allowed the owners to pay for just a fraction of the gas used.

However, to help catch them in the act, the officers arrived with the police and a warrant to ensure there was no chance of being refused.

Although when asking the management if they could see the meter the officers were initially refused, management was then made aware of the police and understood that they needed to cooperate.

Inside, the officers went to the basement – jackpot, there was the meter in reverse and the heating was on full too, but not for long.


The officers were quick to safely disconnect the supply and the party was over with a tidy bill served for £20,800!

A few days later the officers received a call and the bill was paid in full before the supply was put back on.

Safe to say the owners have now stopped messing with their supplies, although the police are continuing to make their own investigations.

Tampering with gas meters is incredibly dangerous and can result in severe injuries or even death.

Illegally modifying your meter can result in jail time – as it puts the lives of others in danger from a possible gas explosion.

Energy theft is dangerous and can kill. If you notice anything suspicious, then please contact us in confidence on 0800 587 2737.

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