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The benefits of taking power naps at work

How many times have you come back from lunch and started to feel those mid-afternoon yawns coming thick and fast, or noticed your eyelids drooping just a little bit more than they should be. As…
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10 May 2018

The benefits of pets in the workplace

While there are many reasons for having a pet, not the least of which being that they offer significant health benefits to people – pets in the workplace can also create benefits for both employers…
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30 Nov 2017

Energy Efficiency

Recycling procedures in the workplace

Whilst recycling may not be the only solution to the world’s waste problems due to the fact it’s so expensive, it still goes a long way to dealing with effects that us humans are having…
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17 May 2018

What is a carbon footprint?

The term ‘Carbon Footprint’ is something that you’ve probably heard bandied about quite a lot, particularly in regard to environmental issues. Lower is better, and higher is bad, but the specifics can be a little…
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17 Apr 2018

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