Read your energy meters accurately to reduce business overheads

Read your energy meters accurately

Reading an energy meter might be only a 2 minute job, but it’s easily overlooked when you’re time pressured. We all know time is money, but do you know how much those 2 minutes could save you? Regularly giving meter readings to your business energy supplier is one way to keep your business overheads under tighter control.

Take control of your business energy use

It’s important to record your business electricity and gas readings frequently, so that you and your supplier can keep track of how much energy you’re really using. If you don’t regularly read your meters, your bill has to be estimated. It’s not often that an estimated bill is too far from the actual amount owed, but don’t we all like things to be exact? You wouldn’t want to pay for stationery, printer ink or supplies that you don’t actually use, so you monitor their use. By applying the same thought process to business use of gas and electricity, you’ll have a more rounded and smarter business approach.

Beneficial for your business

Reading your gas and electricity meters is a quick and easy job that has many benefits. You’ll get up to date, accurate energy bills, without the risk of under or overpayments and unwelcome surprises. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that you’re not only keeping on top of your energy usage, but you’ll be able quickly to spot unusual use, which could hint at a problem at business or building level.

Reading your meter is one of those business activities often done when offices are closed. The quickest way to submit meter readings is online, as this allows you to take only a small amount of time out towards the end of your day, but you can phone if you prefer.

Future developments

In 2014 there’ll be some developments in the way you can manage your meter readings. With British Gas Business, not only will you be able to submit meter readings online, you’ll have the option immediately to view and pay your bill. We all like things to be as quick and easy as possible, after all.

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