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Social distancing etiquette for UK businesses

Russian dolls wearing facemasks - Social distancing etiquette

As discussions around easing the lockdown continues, the expectation is that some social distancing measures will need to remain in place while we attempt to go back to business as usual. Businesses will therefore need to adapt to this change by adopting some measures to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

How are businesses adapting to the new normal and enforcing social distancing rules to help curb the spread of the coronavirus? Here are 5 ways you can introduce social distancing in your business post lockdown.

1. Performing regular cleaning

Cleaning your business premises regularly and thoroughly can help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and can make your employees and customers feel safer when entering your business premises. Most businesses have adopted stricter cleaning schedules, and some have even opted to change their cleaning supplies to ones that can tackle a wider range of virus microbes.

2. Introducing additional space

We’re all aware of the recommendation to distance ourselves from others by at least two meters when going out. One way businesses are making sure this is followed is by having markings on the floor, two meters apart, to encourage people to keep this distance at all times. Signs are also on display reminding everyone to adhere to the rule. Businesses have also limited the number of people allowed on their premises at one time to make sure it is possible to stay two meters apart.

3. Protecting your employees

It is important to let your employees know that their health and safety is a priority during this time and adopting the two rules mentioned above can show this. To do more for their employees, businesses with high customer interaction between customers and employees have introduced screens as a barrier. Some businesses also ask that anyone entering and leaving their premises sanitize their hands.  

4. Temperature check

Other businesses have taken a stricter approach by measuring and registering the temperature of their employees before they start and when they finish work. Any member of staff with temperatures above normal, is sent home as a precaution.

5. Using technology

Contactless only payment options, online booking options, contactless delivery are all ways businesses are making use of technology during this time. With companies like Square and PayPal’s iZettle offering competitive prices on card readers and the contactless limit in the UK being increased to £45 as part of the response to the Covid-19 outbreak, there is more support for customers, and businesses, to opt for this payment method.

With the need to maintain some form of social distancing measures after the lockdown restrictions are eased, businesses will need to change how they run. This article, along with the Government guidance should help businesses better protect their employees and their customers.

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