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Supporting Carers UK with the 2.6 Challenge (COVID-19)

2.6 Challenge Save the UK's Charities

The impact of coronavirus in the UK has been significant. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to mobilise a virtual workplace, or ensure shop floors, factories or offices follow social distance guidelines and are deep cleaned. People across the country have had to adapt to a new normal. And charities are feeling the impact of coronavirus heavily.

The cancellation or postponement of thousands of events has resulted in a loss of billions [1] in income through fundraising. For example, the 2019 London Marathon raised a record breaking £66.4 million for thousands of charities in 2019 [2]. It was postponed in 2020.

Charities need our support now more than ever. From those supporting children to the elderly, as well as those providing vital palliative care, mental health support, housing, food supplies and more. It’s never been more important to come together and show how much we care.  

What is the 2.6 challenge?

Following the postponement of the 2020 London Marathon, the 2.6 challenge was born with people all over the UK becoming ‘home heroes’ and participating in challenges related to the numbers 2.6 or 26 and asking friends and family to sponsor them.

There are no rules to the 2.6 challenge besides the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely. You could join in a 2.6 challenge and encourage your colleagues to join you and raise funds as a business. It could help you all feel more connected, which can have a positive impact on mental health.

Simply dream up your 2.6 challenge, donate whatever you can afford, or set up your own JustGiving fundraising page and get your colleagues, friends, and family to support you and complete your challenge.

Here’s 5 ideas on how you and your colleagues could get involved:

1. Do 26 press-ups each or between your team

2. Run or walk 2.6 miles

3. Sign 26 letters of the alphabet in sign language

4. Meditate for 26 minutes

5. 26 costume changes on a team call

The British Gas 2.6 challenge

Throughout May, British Gas employees have got involved in their own 2.6 challenges to help raise funds for our chosen 2020 charity partner, Carers UK. Social distancing, and worse, social isolation, means that carers are desperately trying to get information, support and advice, knowing that if they are unable to provide care nobody else will.

We’ve seen many different challenges being completed. One of our British Gas engineers, Mikey Reid, with the help of his daughter, Abi, held a handstand for over 2.6 seconds. Michael Flavin challenged himself to reach out to 26 people over 26 days that he had fallen out of close contact with. We also had a very competitive 2.6 challenge quiz with over 125 teams participating to help raise money for Carers UK.

Another one of the 2.6 challenge takers is Ben Lodge. Ben has challenged himself to cycle 806 miles in May, a total of 26 miles on 26 days of the month. He’s making excellent progress, completing 583 miles so far. Keep going, Ben!

The knowledge that we’re helping others at a time when they need us is rewarding. Taking part in your own 2.6 challenge and encouraging your colleagues to do the same can really lift your mood and help create stronger communities.




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