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Microgrids – do we need them?

Microgrids work locally and can be disconnected from the national grid to operate independently when necessary. They can help make the grid more resilient in case of disturbances or outages.
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31 Mar 2016

Induction, but not as you know it

On the face of it, ‘wireless electricity’ sounds like futuristic magic. But we've already had electric toothbrushes charging wirelessly since the early '90s, and the latest generation of smartphones – such as the Samsung Galaxy…
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08 Oct 2015

£164k energy theft on the English Riviera

Energy thieves are costing the UK hundreds of millions of pounds every year, effectively raising the cost of your business's electricity and gas. According to Crimestoppers, there are as many as 3,300 cases of gas…
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23 Jun 2015

Takeaway trouble: the £29k kebab shop bill

Earlier this year, the BBC's regional investigations programme, Inside Out, exposed the criminal gangs that help property owners to avoid paying their energy bills – sometimes for as little as just £10
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14 Apr 2015