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Look up – a bus is overtaking you!

Unless you work at home or very close, you’re unlikely to enjoy your commute to work. Traffic, sink holes appearing on the track and other endless delays leave us frustrated and exhausted before we have…
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09 Aug 2016

The Hyperloop high-speed rail network

Forget the government’s proposed HS2, which could take commuters from Manchester to London in just over an hour, The Hyperloop would take just 30 minutes to go from Edinburgh to London – that’s over twice…
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21 Jul 2016

How green is the London commute?

Commuting to the office is a necessary evil for most of us, but have you ever sat down and thought about how much of our lives are wasted getting to and from work? The average…
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19 Jul 2016

The facts about commuting

The word commuter derives from early days of rail travel in US cities such as New York and Chicago, where, in the 1840s, residents of the suburbs were offered a reduced or ‘commuted’ fare into the city. Nowadays, it’s…
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12 Jul 2016