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Microgrids – do we need them?

Microgrids work locally and can be disconnected from the national grid to operate independently when necessary. They can help make the grid more resilient in case of disturbances or outages.
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31 Mar 2016

The return of the incandescent light bulb

Remember the traditional filament bulb? Probably been a while since you’ve seen one. The once-ubiquitous incandescent light bulb, which has remained largely unchanged since Thomas Edison created it more than 130 years ago, has been…
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10 Feb 2016

New CO Regulation Will Affect Landlords

The government announced plans in March 2015 that would require private landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms in all rooms with solid fuel appliances. Find out what this means for your business.
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15 Oct 2015

Induction, but not as you know it

On the face of it, ‘wireless electricity’ sounds like futuristic magic. But we've already had electric toothbrushes charging wirelessly since the early '90s, and the latest generation of smartphones – such as the Samsung Galaxy…
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08 Oct 2015