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World Book Day: Getting kids involved

World Book Day is on 5 March, and schools around the country will take part in the event to promote reading at all levels and age groups. You can expect talks from leading authors, downloadable…
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05 Mar 2015

Time to Skip the Valentine’s Flowers

The season of romance is nearly upon us and according the UK Retail Occasions Report 2013, half of all British consumers will buy something for Valentine’s Day this year, with 32m dates taking place to…
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13 Feb 2015

A quick guide to some new energy regulations

If you own a business of considerable size, you'll probably have to comply with the Government's new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). This was set up in order to put into practice parts of the…
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29 Jan 2015

Go cashless to cut queues

With the recent introduction of contactless cards, it looks like a cashless revolution could well be on the horizon. There are currently 20 million pieces of Barclays contactless plastic alone in the hands of British…
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22 Jan 2015

Christmas lights don’t have to eat cash

Britain loves its Christmas lights. From the red-and-gold window displays in our local corner shops to the dazzling arrays in our town centres – including the lights in Staines High Street, which we helped to…
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25 Dec 2014